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At Last You Can Learn French Online

Even If You've Never Taken A Single French Language Class In Your Life!


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Everything You Need in One Place

Forget about scouring the web for French resources – it's all included.


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You can log onto the system whenever it is convenient for you, at any time, day or night. You don't have to be online at a set time of day.


Personalized E-mail Alerts

Get personalized E-mail alerts delivered to your inbox.


Easy to Use System

Very easy to access and user-friendly web based GUI provides users with functionality they need to learn the French language easily.


Download Learning Materials

You can download the materials in PDF and MP3 format and take them offline.


1000's of French words to learn

Get access to 1000's of French words that will help you improve your French vocab in no time.


Unlimited Practice at No Extra Cost!

The practice section ensures that you retain what you study and build confidence in your knowledge.


What do our members think about us?

My fiancé has family from France and they do not know any English what so ever. I've always thought that this was going to be a barrier with the new mother-in-law and me. After I became engaged to Peter, I knew I must do something to insure a lasting relationship with his family. I would like to thank the creators of French101. Without their easy instruction, I would not have made it. I don’t want to rant on and on here, but they really changed my life and gave me confidence to be around my new French-Speaking family. I especially liked having the words and phrases lined up in different categories so I could bounce around and check things out at my own pace.

Anna Parsons
Kentucky USA

Dear website creators. I want to express my gratitude by letting you know what a terrific French Teacher you've been to me. My wife and I are going to travel abroad to France this spring and I want to impress her with my knowledge. This is going to be a big surprise for her. She has always found the French Language to be so romantic. She knows enough to get us through our Anniversary trip to France, but I would feel awkward being left out of the conversations. I wouldn't be able to dine and enjoy the tourist attractions without knowing some of the language. The flexible and customizable learning options within French101 are magnificent. I can't say enough to convey my joy and thanks for making this so unbelievably easy for me.

James Harned

My name is Kandiss Mae, I am going through orientation for a new career in the travel industry. I am a recent user of your French101 tools. I owe you a lot of thanks for giving me the edge I needed with the company. Lucky for me, I was informed that having French Language listed as one of my accomplishments. At first I figured I wouldn't get the job because my French skills were zero. After studying with the tools on French101, I felt that I could win this challenge. What's more, I didn't have to make myself available at certain times of the day since everything I needed was there for me at the touch of a button at any time that was convenient for me. I just wanted to thank you for making this so easy for me and letting me learn as little or as much as I wanted without any barriers.

Kandiss Mae
West Palm Beach, Florida

After failing French in college two years in a row, I figured I was just too dumb for it. It has been my dream to be a famous chef some day. Along with that, I wanted to learn how to communicate with my French Speaking friends. I want to thank you for helping me jump the hurdle. I was amazed at how quickly I could pick up the French Language. The most helpful thing I experienced with is having the phonetic spelling of the words displayed next to their proper French Spelling and the English meaning of the word. Having all that placed at once in front of me on the computer screen was vital to my progress. The French101 program is absolutely fail proof. If I would have had this type of experience presented to me in college, it would not have been such a waste of time and money. You guys are doing a terrific job!

Shawn Keith

As an instructor, I was skeptical about learning a foreign language online. However, after watching the tutorial and using the site, I must admit it works! makes it easy to learn French at your own pace. You can learn individual words from specific categories or by context. You can see and hear how the words are used in conversation. It is extremely user friendly. I like how the information is laid out on the screen so that you can quickly see what you are learning as well as what you have mastered. is great for someone who wants to learn French that they can put to use almost immediately. I have one final word on – Merci!

Luann Wilburn
North Carolina, USA

As a mother homeschooling my 4 year old son, sometimes it can be very hard to find appropriate learning materials that really engage him- new languages in particular. I can tell you, I've tried many products to help with his language studies and it is hard to find one that is not only easy to use, but also holds his attention. Finding was definitely a blessing. Not only are both my son and I learning the language much faster than before, but this is a tremendously user friendly, easy to navigate program that offers several different ways to learn.

Mary Walker
Dixon USA

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The Most Simple, Yet Powerful Way
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Nick Collins

Nick Collins
Maine USA

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